Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are your bartenders certified and insured?

Yes, all bar staff that we provide are Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission (TABC) certified and our company carries general liability insurance. Our wait staff are Texas Food Handler certified and our security personnel have private security licenses.

2. How many bartenders or servers will I need?

Depending on your event and what you're serving, we generally recommend 1 Bartender for every 60 guests and 1 Server for every 25 guests.

Contact us for specifics.

3. What does your staff wear?

Our staff will dress for the occasion. In general, both bartenders and servers will wear a black, long-sleeve, button-down shirt and black slacks.

If your event has a theme that you wish us to match, let us know! We love to fit in!

4. Does Franny’s Bartending provide the alcohol or can I buy my own?

Along with your beverage consultation, we offer our Open Bar and Cash Bar packages, where we can bring all of your alcohol, mixers, cups and/or ice. Otherwise, we give you with the details to provide your own.

5. Can I request a signature or special cocktail?

Absolutely! Just let us know what you’re looking for. We can add a signature cocktail to the menu for your event, or we can provide one of our own special drinks. We recommend booking a tasting before your event.

6. Do you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, we serve sodas, water, tea, coffee, you name it! We also provide coffee bars, soda bars (which are a hit), apple cider & hot chocolate bar and more.

7. What areas will Franny’s Bartending travel to?

We travel all around the greater Houston metro and BEYOND.

The Woodlands? Sugarland? Baytown? Katy? Downtown? What about Galveston or College Station?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

We also service the Austin, Dallas & San Antonio areas as well.

Travel fees may apply.

8. What bartending packages do you offer?

We offer Cash Bar and Open Bar Packages. See our “Bartending Packages” page.

All of our packages come with a beverage consultation, general bar tools and personalized decor, 4 hours minimum of service, 1 hour set-up and general liability insurance.

There are many options to add onto your package as well:

Cocktail Tastings, Shopping Trips, Cocktail Servers, Beverage Catering, & more!

9. How do I get a quote?

Visit our “Contact Us” page and fill out the “Request A Quote” form. We'll be in touch once we receive your RAQ. Formal quotes will be sent at your request.

10. Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not automatically included on your invoice. We will only include a gratuity if you do not want a tip jar to be out on the bar.

If you request No Tip Jar, a gratuity amount will be added to your invoice. If you allow a tip jar to be placed on the bar, or if you wish to take care of the tip after the event, we will not charge a gratuity.

11. Does Franny’s Bartending require a deposit? How do I book my event?

Yes. A 20% deposit is due upon the signature of the Franny’s Bartending Event Service Agreement, which is required to book your date. The full balance is due one week prior to your event date.

12. What types of payment do you accept?

Types of payment accepted are Cash, Credit Card, PayPal and Business Check.

We do not accept personal checks.

Credit Card payments may be made in advance securely through PayPal or Square Invoice. Full Payment or any Balance owed is expected to be received one week prior to the event. Staff will arrive on-time, but will not perform any duties until your full payment is received.

Bartending package FAQs

1. What all is included with my cash bar package?

Our cash bar packages include bar staff, a table (if necessary), bar tools, napkins & straws, 9 oz plastic cups, ice, mixers, and appropriate garnish.

2. What is a service fee?

A mandatory service fee on alcohol procured and bartending services that covers expenses acquired to service the event. (administration, planning, logistics, transportation, liability coverage, etc.)

3. Cash Bar - Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Due to Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) regulations, you may not provide your own or consume any alcoholic beverages that do not come through Franny's Bartending & Event Services. Furthermore, no one other than Franny's Bartending & Event Services bar staff may serve guests any alcoholic beverages.

4. Can I Request a specialty brand not listed in Franny's selection?

Yes, you certainly can. We have the ability to order specialty brands with our suppliers. However, these brands may only be available in limited cases. Contact us for pricing!

5. What happens if you run out of a particular beverage?

Our beverage estimates are based on your stated guest count given during your beverage consultation. We do our best to provide more than enough of each beverage for your special event. Therefore, all beverages and items will be available for the duration of your bartending service with the exception of requested specialty brands.